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We are extremely proud to receive awards in recognition for our work because it underlines that our core values and purpose are having a positive effect on our customers.

Festival of Learning 2016: Innovative Learning Through Partnership Award for Bedfordshire and Luton

The Disability Resource Centre won an Innovative Partnership Award (2016) for The Way Ahead (Stepping Stones) project.

The project delivered a package of support in a managed journey of supportive and engaging workshops, to learners who were either carers, experiencing mental health difficulties or learning disabilities and in particular those with long term illness / chronic conditions and physical disabilities. Many learners had low confidence with anxiety and uncertainty about the way head.

The DRC receives the award for it's Way Ahead programme

The project delivered 4 courses, each designed to act as progression for learners:

  1. The Way Ahead
  2. Expert by Experience
  3. Community Champions
  4. Champions in Practice

The aims of the project were to identify the current status of learners, where they wanted to be and develops their skills to achieve these goals. Courses incorporated change management and personal development, skills for action planning, research, presentation, communication, listening, problem solving and SMART target setting.

The fourth tier, Champions in Practice, taught the skills to set up and manage a peer support group through co-production. As a result two peer support groups have been set up.

There were 58 enrolments (32 learners) across all courses. 100% of learners showed improved confidence and improved stress management.

Read our news announcement on winning the award.