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We have a number of Peer Support groups that may be useful to you.

Carers Eating Disorder Association (CEDA)  –  If you care for someone with an eating disorder, this support group could help you.




'paperchain' cut outs of people holding hands in a circle with the letters P H E W in the middlePhysical Health and Emotional Wellbeing (PHEW) – Get support from people with real life experience of managing their own health, and/or caring for our loved ones who have health conditions.



grey silhouettes of two people with red dots indicating areas of pain on arms, neck, jointsFibromyalgia Support Group – Our support group for people with fibromyalgia is very popular indeed. Please join us if you need support.





Confident Carer Support Group – the group meets twice a month at the Luton Irish Forum as well as The Disability Resource Centre