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Adult Learners’ Week 2015, Bedfordshire & Luton Awards

Adult Learners’ Week is the UK’s largest annual festival of learning; inspiring thousands of people each year to discover how learning can change their lives.

This year’s Awards Ceremony for Bedfordshire and Luton was held during Adult Learners’ Week, on Friday 19 June 2015 at the University of Bedfordshire, Polhill Avenue site, Bedford

The Disability Resource  Centre is proud to have received the following award in recognition of The Way Ahead and Experts by Experience course.

 Community Learning Champion

 Sponsored by:  Aragon Housing Association

 For a learner or a group of learners who have made an impact in encouraging others to learn

 Winners:  The Disability Resource Centre

The Way Ahead & Experts by Experience Learners and Tutor

Tutor:  Gill Ormston
Loraine Allen
Pat Williamson
Karen Saunders
Karen Rawlinson
Mark Pagluica
Luthfun Khanum

The Way Ahead & Experts by Experience programme brought together a group individuals with disabilities who lacked confidence and had never met each other before.

Each learner came to the 8 session programme to achieve the following learning outcomes:

    To understand the process of change
    To explore the circle of influence
    To explore fears and barriers in order to remove them
    To identify support available
    To produce an action plan

The learners all provided peer support to each other to motivate during times of challenge and ensured that each other achieved their own personal goals. They developed a strong team bond very quickly, challenging each other’s learning whilst supporting each other to overcome barriers to their goals.

The partnership approach they took in supporting each other both during the classes and in between sessions was inspiring. Not only did they achieve their learning outcomes but wider outcomes for themselves and other learners.  The learners regularly exceeded their own expectations in terms of what they could achieve.

During the course learners look at confidence building tools, stress and change management.  It identifies barriers and solutions and how they can influence change. They were able to set themselves goals, actions and identified any support they needed to achieve their goals. Empowered to move forward they have left positive and equipped for the way ahead.

The following feedback has been provided by the learners on their achievements:

  • We feel we have achieved our personal goals.
  • Our confidence has blossomed throughout our time on the course
  • We were lost and now have found our way
  • We look forward to the course and what life has to hold
  • We have seen changes in our life and at home.
  • We are leaving the course with positivity now able to cope with our health conditions and personal experiences.
  • We have gained back our confidence and overcome our fears

The learners with Mick Dillon, CEO of the Disability Resource Centre

The learners with Mick Dillon, CEO of the Disability Resource Centre

A group of learners with their certificates

A group of learners with their certificates


Four people with their certificates: A man in a shirt and tie, A woman with long blonde hair, a woman with short black hair and a black woman wearing a navy jacket

At the award ceremony

A group of people with Their certificates

The Way Ahead