A tall man wearing a Stetson hat, a man in a wheelchair and a small Teddy in a blue jacket.

The Disability Resource Centre would like to introduce you to our mascot “DRC Ted”, who will be coming to a community venue near you.

DRC Ted will be with his colleagues Edward Costello and Ted Lousvet.

All of these Teds are part of the Outreach Service, whose aim is to reach people of all ages, with any disability or health difficulties, as well as their carers, friends or relatives. We can help people to access services and to find the information you need. We can support you with information and advice on many topics including benefits, equipment and other lifestyle questions. Edward can assess your need for different types of equipment as he is a Trusted Assessor.

The Outreach Service visits groups, clubs, health centres, village halls, supermarkets and health professionals to promote the work of the DRC and provide information and help on any disability-related matters.

We will be at Sandy library on a Friday between 11am and 2pm; 5th August, 7th October and 4th December 2016.  We can also help you to fill out a blue badge form at the library (by appointment).

If you see DRC Ted out and about in your area let us know, why not let us know where you have seen him?

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Call: 01582 470970
Email: disabilityadviceservices@drcbeds.org.uk