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‘Personalisation’ is about people being in control of the care, support and services they receive.

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What is Personalisation?

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Personalisation is about people being in control over the support and services they receive

The Disability Resource Centre now offers its full range of Personalisation Services to all disabled people, their families and carers, regardless of whether they receive funding from the local council.  All services are available throughout Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire and most of the surrounding area.  Payroll and Holding or Managed Accounts services are available throughout the UK.  The services comprise –

  • Support Planning and Brokerage
  • Personal Assistant Recruitment and Matching Service
  • Direct payment support services
  • Payroll Services
  • Holding or Managed Accounts

Full details and current prices are contained in the downloadable leaflets for each area (please note: These prices do not include VAT)

This page describes the service in general – please choose your location from the icons above for details of the support services that we offer in each area, along with contact numbers.

PLEASE NOTE: We can only see you by appointment, so please don’t come to Poynters House without an appointment as there is no guarantee that you can be seen. Please phone the contact number for your location to make an appointment.

What is Personalisation?

Personalisation is about people being in control over the support and services they receive and ensuring they are at the centre of any decisions made.

How does it work?

This new system consists of 3 steps:

  • Assessment of needs
  • Allocation of a Personal Budget  based on the above assessment
  • A Support Plan outlining how you wish to spend your Personal Budget

Can I get help completing my support plan?

At the Disability Resource Centre we employ an Independent Support Broker who will visit the person in their own home to help them complete the support plan. This support plan will detail exactly how the person wishes to spend their Personal Budget.

What are Direct Payments?

Direct Payments are cash sums which may be paid by local authorities to people to enable them to purchase the social care services and support which they have been assessed as needing. This could include homecare support for personal care needs, alternatives to day care and residential provisions provided by your local authority, or other assessed  needs.

The Health and Social Care Act 2001 placed councils under a ‘duty’ to offer the option of a direct payment to any eligible person who requests one. This means that if you are entitled to services as either a person receiving care, a carer or parent of a disabled child, you have the right to be considered for a direct payment.

Who can receive a Direct Payment?

People who have been assessed as being eligible for social care services. This may include the following :

  • A disabled person aged 16 and over (including those with a learning disability or mental health problem)
  • Older people aged 65+.
  • People with parental responsibility for disabled children
  • Carers aged 16 or over in respect of carers’ services.

You will also need :

  • to be willing to have a direct payment
  • to be able to manage the payment either alone or with assistance. This can be as much help as you need.

You can have a mixture of direct payments and arranged services, but you cannot purchase services from the local authority. You cannot use a direct payment to purchase permanent residential care. People who get this money must use it to arrange services for themselves to meet their social care needs. It is not extra income to spend as you choose.

What is the purpose of a Direct Payment?

The aim of a Direct Payment is to promote independence by offering more flexibility in how services are provided to many people who are assessed as being eligible for social services support.

Direct Payments enable people to take more control over decisions which affect their lives. They are intended to support independent living by giving people more choice and control over their own care. With Direct Payments you can employ who you choose, determine their hours of employment and the tasks you require a personal assistant to undertake.

What if I am already receiving care services arranged by my Local Authority?

You can change to Direct Payments or return to arranged services at a later date if necessary. For more information contact your Social Worker or the Direct Payments Support Scheme.

How much money will I get?

Following an assessment of your needs, self directed support (personalisation) budgets are established via the resource allocation system from the Local Authority. The Local Authority will provide guidance how you can plan your support once your indicative budget has been identified. You will need to open a separate Bank Account for the Direct Payments money and keep a record of how it is spent, which is information required by your Local Authority.

The Disability Resource Centre Contact

If you would like to consider receiving a direct payment you should discuss this with your social worker. Your Community Care assessment is the best starting point from which to explore it further. If you do not have an allocated social worker you can contact the relevant local authority where you live.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact a Direct Payments officer at the Disability Resource Centre on 01582 470900, who will provide you with information and support.